Table of Contents 6/2018

Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies

Vol. 6, 2018

EditorialAbout the sixth volume of the journal PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies​ 

I. Studies and Dissertations
Ignacy S. FiutIs the “Fourth World” Possible in Karl R. Popper’s Evolutionary Epistemology Model? 
Stanisław CzerniakJürgen Mittelstrass: the Humanities in the Context of the Unity of Science Conception 
Małgorzata CzarnockaHow is Science Universal? 
Marek SuwaraAnalogies Referring to Information Science and Biology in Explaining the Development of Science and Culture 
Jagna BrudzińskaPhenomenology as a Theory of Experience and some Challenges of the Today Humanities—New Perspectives in Human Studies 
Rafał MichalskiWas Arnold Gehlen a Naturalistic Reductionist? 
Marcin UrbaniakA View on Human Hermeneutic Capabilities from the Zoological Perspective 
Jarosław MrozekIs There a Change in the Criteria of Being a Science in Contemporary Physics? 
Adam Krawiec, Marek Szydłowski, Paweł TamborThe Ontological and Epistemological Specificity of Cosmology as a Science on the Universe 
Marek GurbaOn Nicholas Rescher’s Orientational Pluralism in Metaphilosophy 
Karolina OwczarekConsiderations on the Philosophy of Mind on the Basis of Stanisław Lem’s Dialogues



edited by Mariola Kuszyk-Bytniewska

Mariola Kuszyk-BytniewskaPolish Thinkers about Science 
Andrzej Bronk, Monika WalczakStanisław Kamiński’s Methodological Options 
Józef DębowskiThe Dispute on the Scientific Status of Philosophy. On Zdzisław Cackowski’s Discussion with Phenemenology 

Anna MichalskaStefan Amsterdamski’s Conception of Ideal of Scientific Knowledge: Towards a New Conception of the Subject of Science 
Mariola Kuszyk-BytniewskaFlorian Znaniecki on Science. The Onto-Epistemological Perspective 
Grzegorz PyszczekThe Social Role of the Sage. On Florian Znaniecki’s Conception 

II. Polemics and Discussions
Marta BłaszczyńskaArnold Gehlen’s Man, Philosophical Anthropology and some Questions Asked by Contemporary Readers 
Grzegorz SmolińskiScience and its Critique: The Context of Actor-Network Theory