Table of Contens 9/2021 part 1

Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies

Vol. 9, part 1, 2021




About the ninth volume of the journal PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies​ 


edited by Marek Hetmański


Marek Hetmański – Introduction to the Thematic Block "Knowledge in the Academy and Outside the Academy" 

Janusz Grygieńć – Should We Fear Epistemic Dependence (and How Much)? 

Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik – Academic Industrial Science and its Norms PRICE 

Rafał Paweł Wierzchosławski – Protestant Science, Elective Modernism and Expert Knowledge in the Context of the Functioning of Science Outside the Academy 

Marcelina Zuber – Scientists to the Challenges of Modernity: the “Communism” of the Scientists’ Ethos as an Ethical Norm or the Regulating Principle of Research Practice 

Andrzej Stawicki – Creation of Knowledge on the Border of Science and Practice in a Systemic Perspective. The Case of Polish Humanities and Social Sciences 

Katarzyna Krzemińska – The Social Creation of Demarcation Criteria Between Science and Pseudoscience 

Józef Dębowski – On Classical Truth, Post-Truth and the Principle of Sourceness 

Małgorzata Czarnocka – Natura post-prawd The Nature of Post-Truth

Tomasz Walczyk – The Issue of Extended Knowledge from the Perspective of Extended Epistemology and Telepistemology 

Marcin Trybulec – Towards the Epistemology of Cognitive Artifacts 

Maciej Wodziński, Marek Hetmański – Expert Knowledge and Expertise by Experience in the Domain of Autism 


Studies and Dissertations

Jerzy Gołosz – The Pythagoreans, or an Apologia for Metaphysics 

Marek Maciejczak – The Context of Habitatuality in the Husserlian Theory of Consciousness 

Krzysztof Sołoducha – Some Remarks on Naturalistic Attemps to Rationalise Hermeneutics 

Damian Winczewski – Dialectical Materialism after „Diamant”: Scientific Dialectical Ontology and Natural Materialism 

Alina Bernadetta Jagiełłowicz – Engaged Philosophy of Health Protection 


Polish Thinkers about Science

Mariusz Mazurek – Czesław Białobrzeski — Physicist and Philosopher 


Polemics and Discussions

Marek Błaszczyk – Towards the Problem of the Sense of Human Existence 

Sebastian Kozera – Superintelligent Beings as a Source of an Existential Threat According to Nick Bostrom