Table of Contens 8/2020 part 2

Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies

Vol. 8, part 2, 2020



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About the second part of the eighth volume of the journal PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies​ 


Andrzej ŁukasikOn Physicists' Attitudes Towards Philosophy 

Stanisław CzerniakMax Scheler’s Pluralistic Conception of Knowledge 

Pavlo SodomoraNaturalism and Conventionalism in Plato’s Dialogues and Nativistic Theories of Language 

Małgorzata CzarnockaEdmund Husserl's Idea of Science and the Project of Phenomenology as a Science 

Paweł DziedziulSteven Pinker’s Meliorism 

Barbara TrybulecThe Subject or Agent? Understanding Subjectivity in the Cognitive Artefacts Era 

Magdalena Łata, Andrzej ŁukasikIs Truth Always Beautiful, That Is, How Aesthetic Values Can Become an Epistemological Obstacle 

Zdzisława PiątekAbout the Nature of Hunting – the Present, the Past, and the Future 

Marcin UrbaniakOn the Natural-Social Harmfulness of Hunting Practices 



edited by Mariola Kuszyk-Bytniewska


Mariola Kuszyk-Bytniewska Polish Thinkers about Science. Introduction 

Emanuele CocoThe Philosopher Ahead of His Time. Ludwik Fleck and the Complexity of Science (Communication and Notes)

Zbysław MuszyńskiLeon Koj's Semiotic Condition for Mutual Understanding 

Józef Dębowski The Principle of Transparency of the Sign. Leon Koj’s Point of View 

Paweł BytniewskiAlina Motycka — Philosopher of Science