Publishing initiatives and conferences

organized or co-organized by 

Philosophy and Science. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies


     Multi-annual research and publishing project

    Polish Intellectuals Deliberate about Science – edited by Mariola Kuszyk-Bytniewska 



2021. Philosophy and Computing  organized by Philosophers assembled over the years around the APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers and the APA Committee on Philosophy and Computers (both now discontinued) and related organizations: Association on Philosophy and Computing (APC) affiliate of the APA, which started in 2020 – the current conference is its first external activity; philosophy interest group within BICA Society (which also organizes its own conference at this IS4SI); PHAEDE (Philosophy of Engineering and Artifact in the Digital Era (within the Romanian Society for Philosophy, Engineering and Techno-ethics) with long tradition of organizing related conferences and publications; Philosophy and Science PAN , Semptember 2021, online


2020. Knowledge in Academy and beyond Academy – organized by 1) The faculty of philosophy and sociology of Marie Curie-Skłodowska University, 2) The Lublin Section of the Polish academy of Sciences, 3) The Lublin Section of the Polish Philosophical Society; 4) The Section of Sociology of Science of the Polish Sociological Society; 5) The journal Philosophy and Science. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies; Lublin, 9–10 October 2020

2019. Philosophy in Informatics 

2017. Science as a Theoretical and Metatheoretical Problem – organized by the journal Philosophy and Science. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences; 2) Institute of Philosophy of the Marie Curie–Skłodowska University, !Warsaw, October 2017.


Special monothematic publishing projects 

2021. Knowledge in Academy and beyond Academy – edited by Marek Hetmański

2020. The Computeriztion Era – edited by Małgorzata Czarnocka and Mariusz Mazurek

2019. Philosophical Problems of Biological Sciences. On the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of Professor Leszek Kuźnicki’s Birth – edited by Włodzimierz Ługowski 

2019. Cognitive Semiotics: Perspectives on the Study of Meaning-making – edited by Piotr Konderak 

2017. Organism, Body, Identity, Technics – edited by Ewa Nowak

2017. Philosophy of Social Sciences – theory and praxis, edited by Mariola Kuszyk-Bytniewska 

2016. Problems of Extending Cognition and Science – edited by Paweł Bytniewski and Zbysław Muszyński

2014. Philosophy in Technical Universities – edited by Marek Maciejczak